©2010 Amy DeYoung.

Photo by Anne Marie Photography



Photography is what I was created to do. It's in my blood. I find inspiration behind a lens, whether the subject be a blushing bride, a newborn baby, a family strolling through the park, a child full of innocence, or a man winking at the woman he loves. As a Photographic Artist, this is my outlet for creating timeless works of art.

Graduating from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, I received my degree in Psychology and Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Photography and Ceramics. Photography was a part of my day to day routine through college and was fueled by a semester living and breathing the city of Chicago. My best friend and husband Paul and I currently happily reside in the San Antonio, Texas area with our 2 sons and our dog.

My mom has always said What you are is Gods gift to you. What you do with that gift is your gift to God. I would not be here today doing what I love if it wasn't for God's gift and the gift of his son, Jesus Christ. It is my heartfelt prayer that I glorify him in everything I do.

I thrive on capturing priceless and real moments through my work and I would be honored if you would allow me the privilege of sharing your moments and helping tell your story.

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