“Living with a heart wide open, I feel deeply and find joy in the little moments, the in-betweens… the light in the darkness, the blessings in the storm. I approach storytelling with this same curiosity and authenticity.”

Hi! I'm Amy...

I am a storyteller... sharing the beauty I observe through written word and photography. I started my business in 2005, focusing primarily on weddings. A few years later, we welcomed our first son, then our second. As my boys grew, I expanded into more family photography and alternate projects.


In 2018, we opened our hearts and home to fostering, which eventually led to adopting our two youngest. With two little loves arriving together, it was all hands on deck, and I backed away from my business. While I cherished the ability to do so, I missed this and all of you. I have been a part of so many beautiful and blessed days in my clients lives. I don’t take lightly the responsibility of capturing your most precious moments and consider it a privilege. 

Through my lens, I anticipate emotion,

capture the subtle moments, and find the light.

Although my main focus has been event coverage and lifestyle photography, I have also found a love for design, consulting and collaborating; especially on projects that empower and serve. I have experience in bringing visual storytelling to brands and marketing strategies, both through photography and overall vision for branding. Whether it be in your business or your home, I love working creatively, problem solving, and bringing together projects and environments that spark joy. Please reach out with collaborative ideas or interest.

Being able to use my creativity and heart for authentic impact, brings fulfillment.


I would be honored to connect and learn how I can serve YOU and help tell your story! 



“Everything has its beauty,
but not everyone sees it.”


  • Hands down, my kids
  • Belly laughs
  • Lake life… unsalted
  • Puppy snuggles
  • Mexican Coke and Tacos
  • The smell of fresh rain
  • A book I can’t put down
  • Sailing & paddle boarding
  • Submerging myself in different cultures 
  • Staying wild
  • A perfectly toasted marshmallow
  • That summer I volunteered in Yellowstone Nat'l Park
  • All FOUR Seasons... yes, I'm aware Texas only has two
  • Singing in my car 
  • Sunset skies
  • Dancing in the rain.. literally and figuratively

Credit: Lauren Clark

Fun Facts...

  • I'm a mom of four
  • I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan
  • I have a BFA in Photography, Ceramics & Psychology
  • I spent a semester living in downtown Chicago, working an internship for Art, Music, and Drama therapies.
  • I planned to go to grad school in Chicago and get a dog. Then I met my husband.... we've been married for 22 years
  • We have rescued 5 dogs and currently reside with Sadie (Chiweenie) + Lola (Silver Lab)
  • I taught myself to play the cornet the night before I left for high school band camp
  • My other career choices would have been therapist, architect, or marine biologist.
  • When I first started photography, I didn't want to photograph people... aspiring Ansel Adams 2.0.
  • That all changed when I fell in love with capturing the human spirit.

Credit: Katelyn Williams